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Hookah Accessories

  • Ball Bearings

    Ball Bearings

    Standard Hookah Ball Bearing Available In One Size 1/4 inch (1 cm) The 1/4 inch is used for most hookah Air valves

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  • Bowl grommet Egyption

    Bowl grommet Egyption

    Used on our egyptian hookah, khalil mamoon hookah, but will work for most any hookah available. They are made of a durable clear plastic.  

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  • Bowl Grommet mod bowl

    Bowl Grommet mod bowl

    Used for our small and large Mod Hookahs and are made of a white spongy rubber material that is much thicker than the other bowl grommets. This bowl grommet is ideal for bowls that have a wider mouth at the bottom like the Mod Hookah Bowl.

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  • Dual Sided Mouth Tip

    Dual Sided Mouth Tip

    Hookah Dual Sided Mouth Tips come in a mixed color multi-pack. These hookah mouth tips are "Dual-Sided", meaning that one end tapers off to a narrow point to be used as a male fitting or inside fitting tip, while the back end opens up wide enough to be...

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  • Hose Grommet Egyption

    Hose Grommet Egyption

    Used on our egyptian Hookahs but will fit on most medium to large sized hookahs. They are made of durable plastic and can be cut with a knife or scissors for a perfect fit in your hose adapter.

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  • Lolli-Tip


    Lolli-Tips are hand made in the USA with quality juicy hard candy blends. Striving to provide just the right amount of sweet, sour, or mint to your hookah experience without overbearing your tastebuds. From the second your appetizing lips touch, to...

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  • Quadruple head bowl - blue

    Quadruple head bowl - blue

    Quadruple-headed ceramic hookah bowl Unique product that features four heads on the same bowl Two uses: you can load all four heads with the same hookah tobacco flavor and use one at a time, moving the coal over to the other heads once the first one is...

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  • Rubber Hose Plug Rubber Hose Plug

    Rubber Hose Plug

    Used for sealing off unused hookah hose connections on multiple hosed hookahs Fit into the metal stem at the hose connection for an air tight seal These are compatible with any type of hookah pipe.

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  • Shisha Forks

    Shisha Forks

    Great tool for packing your hookah bowl without getting your fingers messy with shisha juice. Made of stainless steel 5 1/2 inches long

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